2014 Siren Nation Festival Workshops

2014 Festival Workshops (Free!)

Sunday November 2nd!
Kennedy School – 11am – 5pm. FREE!
All Ages
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We have an incredible lineup for this year’s FREE community workshops with Portland’s awesome women teaching you how to do all kinds of fun and useful things not to mention opportunities to pick the brains of some of the hardest working ladies in their industries!

Workshops will be happening at Mcmenamin’s Kennedy School on Sunday, Nov. 2nd. Exact times will be announced soon!


Martha Jordan Room:


Canning for Holiday Gifts-
Join Joy of Cooking’s Megan Scott for a how-to workshop on making tasty treats for your friends and family this holiday season! This workshop will be an introduction to safe canning and preserving techniques. It will cover basic canning equipment, how to turn seasonal fruit into preserves that can be enjoyed all year, canning procedures, and how to be creative without taking risks.

Megan Scott has been both a cheese maker and a goat herder. Currently, she works with her husband, John Becker, on updates to the American classic cookbook ‘The Joy of Cooking’ and has overseen production of their new website and iOS app. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, orange tabby cat, and a pantry crammed full of home-canned goods.

Mina Parsons Room


Beginning Yoga for EveryBODY-
Heather Jones of North Portland Yoga brings her popular Curvy Yoga class to the Siren Nation Workshops this year. Get a taste of just how wonderful yoga can be no matter your size, age or fitness level!

Heather Jones- North Portland Yoga
I hail from Detroit, Michigan and discovered yoga in the mid 90’s while working tirelessly as an advertising exec. The toll that such a stressful environment had on my body and mind was unbearable, and yoga helped me to heal physically and mentally. I have been hooked ever since, practicing and studying a variety of styles with many wonderful teachers.



Martha Jordan Room


Getting to the Heart of your Brand- 
Branding is a huge piece of turning your work into something memorable, and it’s much more than just a logo or a catchy slogan. Sarah Giffrow of Upswept Creative will help set your brain in motion, and give you tips on how to find a brand message that feels true to you, and fits your work pitch-perfectly.

Sarah Giffrow is the Branding Ninja and Benevolent Overlord of Upswept Creative, a small-but-fierce team of design, web site, and photography magic. Upswept has been making real people and their business passions Look Awesome since 2011, and Sarah proudly makes pretty, geeks out, and plays roller derby here in Portland, Oregon.

Mina Parsons Room


Intro to Burlesque: Stretch & Strut- The queen of Portland Burlesque Zora Pheonix, presents this workshop. The perfect beginner class no matter your shape, size or experience, all are welcome. Intro to Burlesque will give you a taste of what burlesque performing truly is.

Chris Stewart, Executive Director of the Rose City School of Burlesque, also known as burlesque doyenne Zora Phoenix instructing – with over 15 years of performance experience, and 5+ years and nearly 200 burlesque shows, a place in the burlesque history of Portland exists to mark the progress made!



Martha Jordan Room


Improv skills for real life-
 Portland ComedySportz leads this fun (and hilarious)  interactive class that will teach you skills to help you be better at public speaking, interacting with strangers and learning to let go of second guessing your intuition!

CSz Portland, founded in 1993, has over 5,000 shows and 1,500 workshops under their collective belts. We believe in the power of collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun, and we serve organizations of every kind, companies, government agencies, NGOs, not for profits and schools.

Mina Parsons Room


Using Art for Activism/history/storytelling-
The function of art is to challenge and inform. Join in on this conversation with women who know their stuff when it comes to telling stories that motivate action, thoughtful insight and honor the stories of real people.

Alicia Jo Rabin- 
Composer, performer and writer Alicia Jo Rabins creates unlikely projects about the intersection of spirituality and daily life. She tours internationally with her band Girls in Trouble, playing orchestral pop songs about obscure biblical women.  Her chamber-rock opera, A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff, premiered at Joe’s Pub in NYC and has been performed in Berkeley, DC, and at PSU and Portland Playhouse.  Alicia lives in North Portland with her husband and two little kids.

Sarah Mirk, Bitch Media- 
Sarah Mirk is a multimedia journalist interested in history, sexuality, and social justice. She worked as a reporter for The Portland Mercury newspaper for five years before becoming the online editor of national feminism and pop culture magazine Bitch. She hosts the magazine’s twice-monthly feminist podcast Popaganda, runs Bitch’s social media, and works with about 100 writers a year to create, edit, and publish stories that change the way people think about race, gender, and politics. She also writes, draws, and edits nonfiction comics, including the popular collection Oregon History Comics. Her book about open-minded dating and nontraditional relationships, Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules, was published in August 2014.

Ruth Wikler- Boom Arts
Ruth Wikler-Luker founded Boom Arts in 2011 and has curated and produced all its programs, establishing the organization as what the Willamette Week has called “a vital presenter of unique programming” and introducing Portland audiences to a range of international artistic voices.

Kimberly Wilson – Actor & Writer Portal Theater
Kimberly is a graduate of Western Oregon University where she received her B.S. in Theatre Arts with a minor in The Arts for her mediocre trumpet skills.  She has also recently become a global citizen by receiving her passport.  Kim is excited to be here.  With an emphasis on Shakespeare and a passion for improv, Kim finds herself pleasantly torn between two such punk rock forms.  That was not intended to rhyme, but score that it did.  She is currently pursuing a well rounded life filled with creating, nature, and the Seahawks



Martha Jordan Room:


Family Photography- Margaret Jacobsen returns this year as one of TIME magazine’s picks for moms to follow on instagram!  Join her to learn how to tell and preserve your family’s story through images.

I’m Margaret Jacobsen, here by way of California. Photography is my passion and also happens to be how I make a living.
For over 4 years now I’ve been a professional photographer. I don’t think I ever dreamed of being someone who freelanced, yet here I am 🙂 I focus mostly on portraits, wether that’s within wedding, family, or commercial photography. I am drawn to people, and capturing who they are through an image.

Mina Parsons Room

Funding-BannerFunding Creativity- a QA panel discussion about how you can leverage things like Crowdfunding, grants, micro-loans, online stores, gallery sales and more to make a living with your creativity!

  • Morgan Barry– Crowdfunding, grant writing
    is a Principal at MEB Consulting, specializing in grant writing, crowdfunding, and general strategy for nonprofits and small women-owned businesses. She has held a variety of positions in the social sector from direct service to development and advocacy leadership roles in multimillion-dollar nonprofits. Morgan has a BA in Psychology from Emory University, as well as a Masters in Public Policy and a Masters in Public Health, both from Columbia University.
  • Ana Magruder, artist– Gallery Sales, art shows and artist grants
    Anna Magruder is a Portland, Oregon artist and oil painter. Inspired by old photos and stories of the past, she loves re-imagining the lives and stories of characters and exploring the emotional color of faces on canvas. Last year Anna was granted RACC funding to create her 2014 series entitled “Oregon’s Painted History”. This opportunity gave her the opportunity to expand her technical and conceptualization skills and the means to explore processes beyond just oils on canvas. www.annamagruder.com
  • Leila Hofstein , Youth Coordinator for PFLAG Portland Black Chapter- monetizing events and networking
    PFLAG Portland Black Chapters mission is to work toward social justice for the LGBTQ African American community in Portland through advocacy, education, support and outreach. I have been working for the past year and a half as their Youth Coordinator and Communications & Development Director. As such I get to travel around Portland to different agencies, schools and youth organizations providing training, organizing funding resources and advocating for the rights of LGBTQ youth of color and their allies. My background is deeply rooted in youth empowerment, arts education and social justice activism. For this panel I will be focusing on the intersection of art, activism and fundraising in my work.
  • Marcy Newton, MercyCorpsNW– microloans
    Mercy Corps Northwest, a domestic field office of Mercy Corps, provides a range of small business development and community services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. We have the only SBA Women’s Business Center in Oregon and provide affordable small business classes, seminars and one-on-one consultations as well as financing through loans and grants.
  • Rachael Rice, Creative- Etsy & online sales
    Rachael Rice is a full-time creative ever since quitting her multiple day jobs and moving to Portland in 2011. She has a thriving Etsy shop and spends most of her time making things or being of service to others who want to make things. A digital strategist and online maven, she writes about creativity and business in a changing world atrachaelrice.com. Her forthcoming e-book Rock Your Etsy with Instagram is due to launch in November.



Martha Jordan Room


Women of Color Zine Making-
The Women of Color Zine Collective talk about using the accessibility of the zine medium for sharing your world, your culture, your interests and your art. Learn how to make zines and use them to say what you have to share with the world.

Tonya Jones is originally from Arkansas. She created the Women of Color Zine Workshops after noticing a lack of diversity at the Portland Zine Symposium. Besides making zines, Tonya has been collaborating with fellow black women activists to create a new PDX Black Feminism group.  She also enjoys reading, cooking (mac & cheese is her specialty!), and traveling.

Mina Parsons Room


Financials for Freelancers-
WTF is the difference between an accountant, a bookkeeper and the tax guy?! How should you track your receipts? Does that count as a deduction? ARRRGH! Creatives and freelancers alike will count their blessings as Erin Murphy of MB Tax Pros hosts this workshop to help you get your finances in order!

Erin Murphy grew up in northern California and moved to Oregon to attend Southern Oregon University where she graduated with Bachelor of Science in human communication. Erin has been preparing taxes over 18 years and loves helping people. She specializes in small business consulting and start up.  You will find her in her happy place with a refreshing drink in hand, beside a pool with sunshine on her skin. When not at the office her time will be filled with reading, spending family time and being the hostess for all.