2015 Siren Nation Festival Community Workshops

FREE Community Workshops
Sunday November 15th, 11am-5pm
Kennedy School
No reservations or tickets needed, All classes are drop-in
Grab a drink and join us!

11:00 AM Red Cross Disaster Preparedness
12:30 PM Bike Maintenance
2:00 PM Food Swap 101
3:30 PM The Art of Reading and Writing Poetry
11:00 AM Funding Creativity Panel
12:30 PM Podcasting Panel
2:00 PM Chill Outside The Lines- Adult coloring Lounge
3:00 PM Comics: Effective Storytelling
4:00 PM Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Healthy Living



11am- 12:15
Disaster Preparedness- 
Red Cross
The mission of the Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and generosity of donors. In order to facilitate our mission, the Prepare! presentation is part of a nationwide preparedness education campaign where we will discuss natural disasters that can occur in our geographic area and the three essentials of being informed, making a plan, and building a kit. Individuals and our communities will understand why being mentally and physically prepared for an emergency can build  confidence, reduce stress, and increase our chances of survival so we can respond to others in times of need.
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/1482120022117651/

Funding Creativity-
 Panel: Briar Levit, Mel Wells, Tessara Dudley, Stacey Villalobos, A.M. O’Malley

This panel discussion will focus on the variety of ways artists can gain funding and support for their work, with grants, crowd sourcing, collectives, and more.
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/1533184810305012/

The panelists:
Tessara Dudley– A writer, educator, and activist living in Portland, OR, Tessara Dudley writes poetry and personal essay from the intersection of working class Black queer disabled life. She is the founder of Mourning Glory Publishing, a small press centering the voices of the marginalized. Tessara can be found online at http://tessaradudley.com/ and http://mourningglorypub.com/

Briar Levit– Briar Levit is a graphic designer, assistant professor, and first-time-filmmaker. As a designer, most of her work has been in conjunction with organizations or design clients, who handle all of the funding issues. While she does have one RACC grant and one successful Kickstarter campaign under her belt, she is very new to the world of fundraising. The Kickstarter campaign, which was for her documentary film, Graphic Means, was an exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling experience. The campaign raised $26,000—a good amount which allowed for a significant amount of work on the film to be done. But just as any filmmakers in the audience may know—it takes a lot of money to make a film, so she is also currently exploring sponsorship options, and awaiting the results of grant submissions.

A.M. O’Malley– A.M. O’Malley has received funding through through RACC and other foundations both as an individual artist and as part of her organization, The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC). A.M. has also launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns for her own work and for the IPRC. She is a writer, collage artist, educator and Program Director at the IPRC. Her first full-length book of prose poetry Expecting Something Else is forthcoming on University of Hell Press in 2016. She has been published widely, most recently in The Burnside Review, Nailed Magazine, Poor Claudia and The Portland Review.

Stacey Villalobos– Blanca Stacey Villalobos is a queer pocha originally from southern California who works and creates in Portland, Oregon. As a woman of color, a pocha (an americanized Mexican), bisexual, and a gemini, herself and way of life have always been doubted by those around her. Villalobos’ fluidity frightens, her 3rd tongue(spanglish) makes her less ‘authentic’, and she has been defined as an antagonist due to her cultural upbringing. Her work is a celebration of the various movements she inhabits daily. Villalobos is content with the spaces she encounters and feels that she should not be pulled to those ‘either/or’ situations because there are wonders beyond that.

pochas radicales is an ongoing time & site-specific project founded by Villalobos’ during her undergraduate experience at Portland State University. The lack of support and space for queer latinas/chicanas/pochas in academia and community pushed her to create an environment in which to discuss the experience of such an identity in the Pacific Northwest. pochas radicales work toward community engagement through art & activism.

In Portland, OR the project brought together the work & experience of Blanca Stacey Villalobos, Kenia Perez-Correa & Kibler Hidalgo; 2014-2015. Current members as of October 2015 are Blanca Stacey Villalobos, Andrea Telles & Elizabeth Leon.

Mel Wells– Mel Wells has published short stories and essays in Salamander Magazine (2012 fiction finalist), Pathos Literary Magazine, Boneshaker, and the anthologies Spent (Seal Press 2014) and Untangling the Knot (Ooligan Press 2015). She recently finished a two-week writing residency at Dickinson House in Belgium, funded by a RACC grant. She is the Program Coordinator at Literary Arts and spends her weekends surfing, reading, and writing.



Bike Maintenance- Gladys Bikes

In this interactive workshop we’ll be talking about bike commuting and basic bike maintenance.
Leave with better knowledge of how your bike works, skills to keep it running smoothly and tips and tricks for riding more safely, comfortably and happily around the city. Bring your questions about your bike!
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/881130605307480/

BIO: Gladys Bikes is a woman-owned and women-focused, full-service bicycle repair and sales shop that specializes commuting, touring and recreational bicycle sales, finding the perfect saddle for your body/bike, semi-custom bicycle builds that fit like a glove, approachable, affordable and reliable bicycle repair, and the friendliest service around.  Leah Benson is the owner of Gladys Bikes.


 Panel: Party Boyz, Meg Smitherman, Jeni Wren, Sarah Waffle

A panel discussion about the variety of ways to produce and create a podcast, hosted by Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer from Party Boyz, Sarah Waffle from Critical Brix, Jeni Wren from The Gritty Birds, and Meg Smitherman from The Roundup.
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/886874241401616/

Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer, Party Boyz- Party Boyz is a badass music podcast + zine produced by two women in Portland, OR. Party Boyz are also known to throw dope events in warehouses and venues throughout Portland + the West Coast. www.soundcloud.com/party-boyz-pdx

Sarah Waffle, Critical Brix- There are so many amazing people online who already do game reviews and tutorials. Critical Brix isn’t that. It’s just a series of videos about drinking and gaming. I pair games with drinks, and I have some footage and interviews coming with wine makers, distillers, and brewers about what they like to play when they drink – as well as interviews with people in the game industry about what they like to drink when they play! www.criticalbrix.com

Jeni Wren, The Gritty Birds- Jeni Wren Stottrup is a producer, musician, writer, media maven and the local music crusader behind The Gritty Birds Podcast. Since breaking into the scene as a member of Shy Girls and the subsequent release of her album solo EP North Star, Jeni has evolved to become an active part of Portland’s buzzing media as a writer for The Portland Mercury and Vortex Music Magazine and as the Media Sponsorship Coordinator for fellow local festival PDX Pop Now! Gritty Birds launched in summer 2015, an insiders view going behind the music scenes, profiling the insights and personalities of the grittiest of the industry, the unsung heroes running the game. www.grittybirds.com

Meg Smitherman, The Roundup- Two nerdy ladies from Portland and Toronto join forces to bring you biweekly episodes of The Roundup with Elena and Meg. We discuss pop culture news you should care about in the realms of film, TV, comics, and gaming. www.dorkshelf.com/category/roundup/


Food Swap-
 Lindsay Strannigan and Bethany Rydmark, hosts of PDX Food Swap

The economy of food swapping, the way to host your own. First, we’ll explain what exactly a food swap is and how it all works. We’ll share about our experience as hosts of the PDX Food Swap for the past 5 years. Secondly, we’ll provide you with tips and tools to host your very own food swap! Lastly, we’ll demonstrate a simply canning or preserving recipe (so you can go home and make something to take to the next swap!).
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/486446591515753/

BIOS:Bethany Rydmark– Bethany is a landscape architect and an eighth generation Oregonian with an appetite for equitable, sustainable, and meaningful food. After finding her cupboards overloaded with experiments-gone-right, she co-founded Portland’s first food swap in 2010 as a way to diversify her pantry and mingle with neighbors. She helped found the Food Swap Network, where the food swapping movement continues to grow and spread across the country and around the world! She shares her love of life and food and travel at twoOregonians.

Lindsay Strannigan– Lindsay is a Portland-based food writer and event coordinator who shares her love of whole and healthy foods, wine, and cooking on her blog and in the company of friends. She creates delicious recipes, often highlighting local ingredients from area farmers markets, and she brings her culinary savvy and professional wedding and event planning skills to the mix as volunteer PDX Food Swap coordinator.


Chill Outside the Lines- Come take a moment to yourself, relax, and relieve stress. This adult coloring lounge will provide wonderfully drawn pages to color by local illustrator Alexey Moore, as well as relaxing music, and a place to unwind. You’re never too old for this. Colored pencils will be provided, or you can bring your own.
EVENT PAGE:www.facebook.com/events/1662224514044902/

BIO: Alexey Moore-Since graduating from PNCA with a major in illustration in 2013, I  have been pursuing a career in Portland as a working artist. I create works that capture people existing and interacting in their relevant scenes: portraits which relate persons to places and situations. I like this kind of portraiture because it combines a candid glimpse of someone with a suggestion of the culture that person belongs to, or perhaps has stumbled into. I find I can cover a lot of thematic ground with this kind of work, which I call “Scenescapes.”

For example, my Disgruntled Barista series represents a cast of 12 baristas responding to their customer service jobs. Baristas all over the world are disgruntled, so let’s take a moment to try to understand their “badassery” and to color them with a new understanding.


The Priest of the Invisible: The Art of Reading and Writing Poetry
– Tanya Dickinson

“The poet is the priest of the invisible” Wallace Stevens

This workshop is designed to be a collaboration of experienced poets and readers of poetry and novices to the craft. We will read poems by Sylvia Plath, Louise Gluck, Yusef Komunyakaa, Juan Felipe Herrara and more. We will also do our own writing during the workshop. Ideas to be explored include devices of the craft, the roles of poets and readers and developing one’s own writing practice. Participants will leave with prompts for further writing. See you there!
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/874592392637436/

BIO:Tanya Dickinson is a poet, teacher and continual student. Dickinson was raised in Missoula, Montana and attended the University of Montana. Her poetry focuses on issues ranging from family and community to nature, politics, feminism and philosophy. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon and teaches literature and language arts classes at Village Home Education Resource Center. Her poems have appeared in Mused: The BellaOnline Literary Review, Clockwise Cat Literary Magazine, Westward Quarterly, Torrid Literature Journal and Stone Highway Review.


Comics: Effective Storytelling Through Language and Visuals-

Workshop will focus on:
Creating a narrative through a merge of communication techniques, understanding the impact of each art medium used, and acknowledging the reader as a receptive interpreter of the work.
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/1653906284888139/

Robyn Bateman is a writer and comic artist who lives and works in Portland, OR. You can find her autobiographical comic series, Failing Haus, at www.nailedmagazine.com, or follow her on the tumbles at rgbateman.tumblr.com. Some of her comic work recently appeared in the inaugural 1001 Journal, available through the Independent Publishing Resource Center. She is the author of several collections of poetry, and has showcased as a live storyteller for Back Fence PDX.


Essential Oils for Healthy Living Robin LaCosse
We will be learning about some of the therapeutic aspects of essential oils and how to incorporate them into our daily lives. All supplies will be provided.
EVENT PAGE: www.facebook.com/events/538139849671620/

BIO: Robin LaCosse has been a massage therapist for 5 years, and recently opened a practice in Downtown Vancouver, WA called State of Wellness. They heavily incorporate essential oils into their massage sessions, house body care line, and in-house classes. Their goal is to help their clients reach a state of wellness through balancing the body, mind, and spirit.

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