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Welcome to the Siren Nation Women’s Music and Arts Organization!
Siren Nation is a unique arts organization that showcases and creates performance and exhibition opportunities for women throughout the year. We are the only women’s collective that produces an annual festival showcasing the original work of women working in music, film, performance and visual art.

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Address: PO Box 12110, Portland OR 97212

Siren Nation’s mission is to inspire and empower women of all ages to create their own art and to highlight the many achievements of women in the arts.

Siren Nation promotes and showcases the original work of women artists by creating year round performance, exhibition and educational opportunities.

Our organization values are to:

  • Promote women making a living as working artists.
  • Provide showcasing opportunities for women artists to increase their visibility.
  • Expose audiences to a diversity of art by women working in film, music, visual and performing arts.
  • Honor and pay tribute to groundbreaking female artists of the past and present.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration among artists.
  • Empower and inspire women and girls through educational opportunities.
  • Raise visibility and create dialogue about women in the arts.
  • Create community by bringing together diverse audiences.
  • Actively work towards parity in the arts.
  • Collaborate with and support like-minded non-profit and community organizations.

Our leadership is comprised of women working in all aspects of the arts. We are artists, musicians, event organizers, business managers, promoters and publicists collaborating to share our knowledge through outreach programs in the form of free public workshops on a wide range of topics. We work towards creating a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and supportive arts community – facilitating connections between women artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit groups and community associations.

Siren Nation Executive Committee & Leadership Team


Siren Nation’s artistic director and co-founder, December Carson, is a native Portlander who loves the city she grew up in. She has over 15 years experience booking, managing and promoting local musical talent. As the owner of Siren Music Company she has been able to help create careers for musicians and bands around the country. In her spare time, she enjoys eating at Burgerville, listening to old-time music and square dancing.

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      Beth Olson Creative

      Photography and Graphic Design Badassery at Beth Olson Creative
      Beth Olson is a photographer and graphic designer who focuses on supporting small businesses and local artists. She stays constantly involved with group projects which aim to improve the livelihoods of creative people. Currently, she runs Beth Olson Creative, is Design and Media Coordinator for Siren Nation, and active member of nearly a dozen creative groups in Portland. She has an intense love for geek culture, hoppy beers with a whiskey back and all things that help keep Portland weird. She also has something of a potty mouth and a pretty legit plan for the zombie apocalypse.
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      Executive Officers

      Ana Ammann

      Ana is a business consultant, technology marketer, published music journalist and advocate of women in the arts. One of the founders of Portland’s Rock & Roll Camp for Girls, today Ana is Publisher of Oregon Music News and supporter of organizations that seek to advance opportunities for women in creative fields including Siren Nation and Portland Women's Film Festival (POWFest)." I love Fender guitars, music that moves me and music that makes me move - especially British '80's Alternative. I have a passion for learning about the people that write the songs that speak to me; delving into their history to find out what helped shape them as artists and uncovering the stories behind their songs." Ana has served on the Executive Board of Siren Nation since it's first year, and is currentlyworking on a CD compilation of artists that have performed at our festival.

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        Mary Ann Naylor

        Mary Ann Naylor is a communications and design professional for a social justice non-profit organization, and the owner of Church of Girl Records + Radio, Ladymade shrink art jewelry, and Folding Queen custom origami. She attended the first Ladyfest in Olympia, WA, and is one of the original founding directors of Portland’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls. Mary Ann has been part of Siren Nation’s leadership since 2007, and currently wrangles advertisements and designs the festival program.

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          Board of Directors

          Artistic Director -
          December Carson

          Media Coordinator
          [Webmistress, Photography, Graphic Design, Marketing]-
          Beth Olson

          Graphic Design-
          Mary Ann Naylor

          Comedy & Film Coordinator-
          Erin Donovan 

          Visual Art Coordinator-
          Jenn Feeney

          Visual Art Committee-
          Jaclyn Evalds, Suzy LaRuffa

          Art & Craft Sale Coordinator-
          Anna Magruder

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          anna magruder

          I am a Portland, Oregon oil painter. My favorite subjects are people and animals and whatever lies between. For me, art is as much about building community as it is about process and refining technique. I take every opportunity I can to get out and see what others are doing at art openings, local festivals, craft shows and galleries. I do my part to build community by organizing the annual Siren Nation Art & Craft Sale each November.
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            Workshops Coordinator-

            Fashion Show Coordinator-
            Cassie Ridgway

            Stage Management-
            Mesha Bodie

            Volunteer and Hospitality Coordinator-
            Holli P

            Community Outreach Coordinator-
            Mesha Bodie

            Intern Coordinator-
            Beth Olson

            Yumi Takeda & Alisa Moore

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