International Women's Day

A decades-long celebration of the richness, strength, and value of women and their contributions to the community!

Siren Nation Speaks

A free online event series showcasing diverse PNW female artists the second Sunday of every month.

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A gift supporting Siren Nation is an investment in inspiration, motivation, and dedication!

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Siren Nation is a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in the arts. We promote the original work of diverse women artists by creating year-round performance, exhibition, and educational opportunities. Our main focus is on women artists in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

Siren Nation is an inclusive organization. We welcome individuals who identify as female or other marginalized genders, and who are comfortable in inclusive women’s spaces, to apply to and participate in our events.

You can support our mission—and the artists we work with—by attending Siren Nation events, donating, volunteering, and helping spread the word.