Welcome to the Siren Nation

Siren Nation’s mission is to inspire and empower women of all ages to create their own art and to highlight the many achievements of women in the arts.

Founded in 2005, Siren Nation is a non-profit arts organization that promotes and showcases the original work of women artists by creating year-round performance, exhibition, and educational opportunities.

Our organization values are to:

  • Provide showcasing opportunities for women artists to increase their visibility.
  • Expose audiences to a diversity of art by women working in film, music, visual and performing arts.
  • Honor and pay tribute to groundbreaking female artists of the past and present.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration among artists.
  • Empower and inspire women and girls through educational opportunities.
  • Raise visibility and create dialogue about women in the arts.
  • Create community by bringing together diverse audiences.
  • Collaborate with and support like-minded non-profit and community organizations.

Siren Nation welcomes individuals who self-identify as female, trans (regardless of identity), or gender non-conforming to apply to and participate in all Siren Nation events.

Siren Nation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Coordinators. Each Director and Coordinator is responsible for overseeing a particular facet of the organization, including but not limited to Logistics, Fundraising/Sponsorship, Grants, Outreach, Booking, Tech/Web, Volunteer Coordination, Communications, and Design. In this regard, our Board operates in the capacity of a rotating volunteer staff.

Our leadership is comprised of women working in all aspects of the arts. We are artists, musicians, event organizers, business managers, promoters and publicists collaborating to share our knowledge through outreach programs in the form of free public workshops on a wide range of topics. We work towards creating a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and supportive arts community – facilitating connections between women artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit groups and community associations.

2019 Board of Directors

December Carson – Board Member
Artistic Director
Siren Nation’s artistic director and co-founder, December Carson, is a native Portlander who loves the city she grew up in. She has over 20 years experience booking, managing and promoting local musical talent. As the owner of Siren Music Company she helped create careers for musicians and bands around the country. She is currently the Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Northwest Film Center. In her spare time, she enjoys eating at Burgerville, listening to old-time music and square dancing.

Anina Bennett – Board Member
Workshops & Panels Coordinator
Writer Anina Bennett is the co-author (with her husband, Paul Guinan) of the illustrated historical fiction books Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel, about a 19th-century robot, and Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention, the generation-spanning tale of a family of steampunk inventors. She and Paul also created the Eisner-nominated science fiction series Heartbreakers, one of the first comic books to feature a team of female action heroes. Anina is a former comic book editor who managed titles for First Comics and Dark Horse Comics, among other publishers, and also has a background in business writing. She has served on the boards of several nonprofits and helped found Friends of Lulu, a 1990s organization dedicated to encouraging female comic book readers and creators. Originally from Chicago, Anina relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 1991. Her work is on display at the Oregon Historical Society’s exhibit “Comic City, USA,” through January 2017.  www.BigRedHair.com

Sue Cool – Board member
Workshop and Fundraising Coordinator
Producer of branded, public, philanthropic, and corporate events. New product roll-outs, brand expansion, large immersive installations live broadcast, live entertainment, strategic event development, assorted permitting processes, environmental design and creation, and all production aspects of live event implementation.

Committee Members:

Visual Art Committee
Karen Wu, Peggy Pfenninger, Joanie Krug

Workshop Committee
Anina Bennett, Teresa O’Neill, Allison Del Fium

Hospitality Coordinator
Holli Prohaska

Graphic Artists
Jen Bracy, Lisa Johnston-Smith, and Peggy Pfenninger

Music Committee
Savannah Gentry, Allison Del Fium

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