Siren Nation Festival

The Siren Nation Festival, first held in 2005, creates opportunities for women’s art to be seen, heard, worn, and experienced.

Staged in venues throughout Portland, Oregon, the Siren Nation Festival has at various times featured music, visual art, film, fashion, storytelling, and stand-up comedy. Our festival also includes an art and craft fair with fine goods made by local female artisans; and a full day of free workshops and talks on arts-related topics.

Each year, we’re inspired by the amazing array of talented women who participate in the Siren Nation Festival. It took a global pandemic to keep us from holding the festival in person in 2020, but you can bet we’ll be back.

Since our organization’s founding, we’ve grown from a weekend festival into a nonprofit organization that creates year-round performance and exhibition opportunities for women—in all the arts—while paying homage to the women in history who paved the way for us.

For those of you who are artists, please continue making your art and sharing it with us all. For those who appreciate the arts, your support is more important than ever. Thank you for joining us in celebrating women in the arts.

Siren Nation strives to be inclusive. We welcome individuals who self-identify as female, trans, or other marginalized genders (and who are comfortable in inclusive women’s spaces) to apply to and participate in all Siren Nation events.