Equity & Inclusion Statement

This statement is a living document, which we will amend and shape as we continue our work.

Siren Nation recognizes that ours is historically a white organization, that we operate within systemic racism and oppression, and that we have a responsibility to make positive change. We commit ourselves to advancing racial, gender, and economic equity through our work, our practices, and our policies.

Art enriches our lives, reflects and shapes culture, and helps us make sense of the world. Equity, diversity, and access to art and education are integral to Siren Nation’s mission as an arts organization.

We pledge to:

  • Use an equity lens for organizational decision-making in areas such as hiring, exhibition planning, and program development.
  • Practice intentional inclusion, inviting in and making space for a diverse range of experiences.
  • Work for equality of access to artistic performance, exhibition, and educational opportunities.
  • Support and advocate for our BIPOC community members, other historically marginalized groups, and underserved communities.
  • Continuously educate ourselves by seeking out multiple perspectives, engaging in difficult conversations, and accepting feedback.

We understand that equity and inclusion work is difficult, and we acknowledge that we will make mistakes as we learn. We embrace the opportunity to keep learning and evolving.