Siren Nation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our leadership is made up of women working in all aspects of the arts. We are artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, event organizers, promoters, and others.

We work towards creating a vibrant, diverse, inclusive, and supportive arts community—celebrating creativity and building connections between artists, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and community organizations.

2023 Board of Directors

Anina Bennett Photo

Anina Bennett

President and Executive Director

Writer Anina Bennett is the co-author (with her husband, Paul Guinan) of the illustrated historical fiction books Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel, about a 19th-century robot, and Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention, the generation-spanning tale of a family of steampunk inventors. She co-created the science fiction series Heartbreakers, one of the first comic books to feature a team of female action heroes.

Anina is a former comic book editor who managed titles for First Comics and Dark Horse Comics, among other publishers, and also has a background in business writing and content strategy. She has served on the boards of several nonprofits and helped found Friends of Lulu, a 1990s organization dedicated to encouraging female comic book readers and creators. Originally from Chicago, Anina relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 1991. Her work has been featured in gallery and museum exhibits, including the Oregon Historical Society’s exhibit “Comic City, USA.”

December Carson Photo

December Carson

Vice President and Artistic Director

Siren Nation’s artistic director and co-founder, December Carson, is a native Portlander who loves the city she grew up in. She designs and executes programs, events, and initiatives that bring nationally acclaimed artists, musicians, writers, and other public intellectuals to Portland, Oregon. For the past 20+ years, she has worked with arts organizations, nonprofits, promoters, and agents. December is currently the Director of Marketing and Patron Services of The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, and she has previously worked with the Northwest Film Center, Portland’5, and Mercy Corps.

Tavé Fascé Drake Photo

Tavé Fascé Drake


Tavé Fascé Drake is a multicultural Oregon creative. A graduate of USC’s Film and Drama schools, a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Mali W. Africa, and former Bay Area member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Tavé now resides in Portland. She is a founding editor and the art director of Mirador Magazine, a leisure online and print publication for those with brain trauma, dementia, or other cognitive impairment.

Tavé co-hosts and produces the variety show podcast Peace, Love & Soup, providing listeners with “audio nourishment for the heart and mind.” Daughter of Tony Fascé (Johnny Angel) and niece of Dion Dimucci (Dion and the Belmonts), Tavé is a singer/songwriter of blues, 30s, and other eclectic music. She is the energetic lead singer of Gerle Haggard Band, the “All Girl All Merle” Haggard tribute which plays events and women’s prisons. With Gerle Haggard, Tavé put on one of the top 5 selling shows of all time at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Tavé is also an MC, writer, and poet who loves the opportunity to meet people and learn new things.

Marian Rose Lucas Photo

Marian Rose Lucas


Marian is the founder of Magnolia Management LLC, a small business accounting firm that offers holistic accounting services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. She has a commitment to working with businesses and organizations that are socially and environmentally ethical and believes that business should be a driving force for good in the world. She is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their financial goals and incorporating ethical responsibility into budgets, employment practices and tax planning.  She volunteers her services with many non profit organizations, and offers mentorship to the BIPOC small business community. When not crunching numbers she can be found creating tiny paper worlds, riding her horse or cuddled up with any number of animal friends that reside with her and her husband in rural Oregon.

Committee Members

Siren Nation Speaks Committee
Anina Bennett

Marketing & Communications Committee
Karlee Boon

Development Committee
Anina Bennett, December Carson

Graphic Artists
Jen Bracy, Lisa Johnston-Smith, Peggy Pfenninger