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The Importance of Ethics in Plant Medicine

April 11, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PDT

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Siren Nation, amplifying the voices of women in the arts for the past 15 years, is proud to present Siren Nation Speaks—a new monthly online series of free workshops, talks, and performances. Join us as we showcase a new Oregon/PNW female artist every second Sunday of the month!

Session Description

On April 11, join us for a free presentation on the ethics of plant medicine, featuring content creator, recipe author, and private plant medicine coach Liv Vasquez.

We’re currently witnessing a plant medicine boom in the U.S. as more access becomes available around cannabis and hemp. At the same time, there’s a crisis in healthcare—access to hospitals is becoming more scarce, even as more people are gaining access to plant medicine.

Why is it important for consumers to vote with their dollars and support ethical brands? Why does every purchase matter in this multibillion-dollar industry? Because unethical brands are a bad buy and they have a bad impact on the world.

In this session, Liv Vasquez tells you what to look for in a brand that will be a great investment for you and help to build a better landscape for plant medicine as an industry.

About Our Speaker

Liv Vasquez is a chef and cannabis educator with a mission to help people develop a clearer understanding of cannabis as a plant and an industry. She brings her experience as a chef, recipe writer, and restaurateur to the cannabis/CBD space by using beautiful events and beautiful plates as an educational tool to teach about hemp, cannabis, this emerging industry, and plant medicine. Her beautiful traveling pop-up events always bring a spotlight to the importance of ethical cultivation and safety in the workplace in this budding billion-dollar industry.

Liv’s audience is global, ranging from home cooks and grandmas who want to incorporate plant medicine into their lives, to corporations like Pepsi that want to add CBD to their products. Liv has been called the “Alton Brown” of cannabis, because she has a clear understanding of the science, strain heritage, plant cultivation, and ethics, as well as medicine and digestion.

Liv also works to make safer spaces for women and people with disabilities within the cannabis industry. In 2019 she took an unethical cannabis business to court for harassment and discrimination, in a case that she won.

You can currently find Liv on Netflix’s Cooked with Cannabis, as a content creator, recipe writer, and private plant medicine coach for clients all over North America.

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This event is online only
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